Mindfulness  - making misery history
                            - making happiness possible

Bringing together mindfulness events and information around the UK.

Mindfulness has several sources:  from the ancient teachings of Buddhism to the latest neuroscience research.  You can practice traditional meditation or try a secular technique such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: a clinically proven technique.

MindfulUK is source of help and information for people interested in the benefits of Mindfulness.

Mindful Mailing is a monthly e-newsletter giving brief details and links for Mindful events in the UK.  

Mindful Books: see Amazon pages with selected books related to mindfulness.
Mindful Films:  links to YouTube and other online video resources you may find useful or inspirational.
Mindful Songs:  Simple tunes to sing along to which help your mindful practice.
Mindful Links: links to other websites and organisations.

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