Donate to Mindful Mailing

As a reader
Do you like getting these mailings?  Can you help us with the costs and expanding the Mailing?

As an advertiser
Mindful mailing offers free entries to events run at cost-price by volunteers.

If people get paid to do your event, then we ask for a donation to contribute to running costs and the expansion of the mailing list.

How much?
We ask for 1% of your total income for the event.
    • Example 1:  10 people pay £100.  Total income is £1000, donation is £10
    • Example 2:  20 people pay £300.  Total is £6000.  Donation is £60

One donation gives you up to 3 entries in mMailing.

(Note that the payment will be to 'Evidence Based Teachers Network', but it will be marked for use by Mindful Mailing.)