Books and resources

Mindfulness and the Brain resources.

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Meditation/mindfulness and brain books

Rick Hanson Buddha’s Brain

Dan Siegel Mindful Brain

Shanida Nataraja  The Blissful Brain summary

James H Austin  Zen and the Brain

Paul Gilbert The Compassionate Mind

Brain books

Sharon Begley The Plastic Mind

Norman Doidge The Brain that Changes Itself

Articles   A series of related articles by various authors


Online video

Rick Hanson:  Buddha's Brain.  A 1 hr Google talk available in HD, good sound and subtitles.  A engaging introduction to the weekend retreat material.

Meditation and the Brian.  Pt 1 of 12.  Some diagrams and text (no narration) on changes to the brain found by neuroscientists.

Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation   A 48 min Google Tech Talk by neuroscientist Philippe Goldin

Three short BBC films about mindfulness and the brain.  Very accessible and suitable for sceptical friends and colleagues!

Supporting documents
"7 facts about the Brain"  Rick Hanson
A summary of key ideas about meditation and brain activity.
(download using the link below)
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14 Sept 2014, 02:48