Feedback from previous retreats

“You should go on this retreat because
·         Well thought out;
·         Pitched at the right level for understanding;
·         Really helped reinforce the benefits of mindfulness
·         Group setting helped learning
·         Skilled, sensitive delivery
·         No pressure to share painful emotions
·         Great food, leaders, well-paced,
·         It's nurturing, and attracts lovely, like-minded people

And it's a great way to spend the weekend”


“What I got out of the retreat was greater self-awareness and a recognition that I am OK really.  (Lots of compassion from you and the group).   I was really pleased to have practical activities/applications that I can use to help make me happier.”  


“The unique characteristic of this retreat is the skill and attitudes of the retreat leaders to be compassionate, humorous and real in the way they delivered the whole retreat.”  


“I liked the environment and the balance between teaching and experiential mindfulness.”

“You should come on this retreat because Mike delivers a very warm, accessible and fascinating tour of the brain and its links to mindfulness – wonderful.

I can see more clearly how to become happier.”  


“I got enormous strength from this retreat and a conviction that contentment is possible.  I benefitted from the effortless warmth and generosity of its hosts” 


This retreat strengthens mindfulness practice.  It is easy to understand.  We learnt a great deal about the brain, how to ease suffering in ourselves and others and how to prevent autopilot/habitual responses.”