Retreat team

Mike BellMike Bell

Mike is an educationalist specialising in training teachers in evidence-based teaching methods. . He started meditating in 1990 and first met the Plum Village style in 1992. He is more interested in secular approaches to mindfulness and has recently trained in the secular  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  He believes that a jargon-free brain-based approach will be accessible to more people than Buddhism.   In the Mindfulness and the Brain retreat he will use the same models of the brain which he uses successfully with teachers to explain learning.

He helped set up the Community of Interbeing as a UK charity and started its newsletter Here&Now. He now runs Mindful Mailing: an email newsletter which  gives basic details of forthcoming events in the UK.  He has always been more interested in bringing the benefits of mindfulness practice to as many people as possible, than in building a Buddhist institution.

Will StephensWill on bench

Originating from Gloucestershire, Will started his working life as an entrepreneur involved in companies in the realm of internet, software, healthcare, nutrition, agriculture and plant-based pharmaceuticals.  After the birth of his first child, he discovered the practice of mindfulness and since then has aspired towards mindful living, in particular mindful parenting!  During this time, he trained in Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute and also worked in mental health services, her majesty’s prisons and for various environmental initiatives including Resurgence magazine.  Before setting up and running Mindful Living Retreats, Will was European Director for HeartMath, who offer stress-management to individuals, schools, hospitals and companies.