About Mindful Mailing

After many years of running this email service, Mike has decided it is time for him to move on to other things.  We wish him every blessing.

This website is being transitioned over to Gareth Williams who will be taking over the service from Mike.  

Contact details for submission of events have changed and can be found by following this link

Mindful Mailing
started life advertising events from the UK Community of Interbeing (CoI) which follows the practice of Plum Village and Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, but soon expanded to include independent events inspired by this approach which are open to all.

What we include:
  • Events by CoI
  • Events run in the same style
  • Events inspired by the same approach.
Examples:  Mindfulness and creativity, mindfulness for children, mindful hill-walking

What we do not include:
  • Events in other traditions
  • Local events (eg regular mindfulness days)
  • Events with a restricted entry (non-open events)
  • Events that would swamp the listing (eg every MBSR course in the UK)
Ask yourself:  "Is my event  inspired by the tradition of Plum Village/Thich Nhat Hanh."  "Is it a open event and of interest to people from a wide area?"

If you would like to have your event included, see if it fits the criteria above.  If you are not sure, put the entry in and I will let you know if it fits.  

A small donation is suggested if people are paid to run the event.  see donation page

Contact info is in the latest mailing

Mindful Mailing is run independently by Gareth Williams.  It receives no funding, so please consider a donation to cover costs of website, emailing and advertising.